10 Fun Party Photo Backdrop Ideas

Everybody likes to feel like a star—and a fun photo backdrop is a great way to let your guests shine at your next party. So get your instax camera ready and take a look at these 10 ideas to get you started.

party backdrop ideas

1. A balloon wall is about as easy and affordable as it gets. You can use helium balloons if you want, but you don’t need to, as you’ll be taping those balloons to a wall. Just be sure to recruit a few friends to help you. The same concept can work with beach balls or even paper plates in a variety of colours.

balloon wall

2. Artificial grass brings a wild vibe to your event. Add giant faux flowers to your backdrop to make it even more lush and tropical.

3. Garlands and bunting set against a plain wall add instant colour, while also allowing you to get crafty. The internet is full of DIY garland ideas ranging from easy to incredibly intricate if you do fancy getting creative!

garland backrop

4. Not so crafty? Head to your fabric store and choose from the hundreds of beautiful patterns and textures. Just hang and you’re done. Some wrapping paper can be used to the same effect.

5. Graduation parties offer a great way to up-cycle old books and put them to use as a clever backdrop. Just remember to assemble your pages a bit haphazardly. You’re not being graded on neatness here.

books backdrop

6. Hosting a birthday bash? Giant gold foil balloon numbers are a quick and easy way to add a bit of elegance and fun. You can also use balloon letters to spell out “love,” “fun,” or whatever word captures the spirit of your event.

7. Celebrate an engagement or wedding by writing the lyrics from the couple’s favourite song on a giant paper backdrop. Use a black sharpie and keep your writing loose and fluid.

8. Flower walls are so in right now, and there’s a reason why. Elegant and classy, creating a wall of flowers (real or faux!) will bring oodles of sophistication to your birthday bash! 

flower wall backdrop

9. Hosting a baby shower or little one’s birthday party? This oh-so-simple yet oh-so-effective DIY flower and butterfly idea will create the perfect backdrop for your instant portrait photos!

DIY flowers backdrop

10. Streamers are perhaps the quickest way to assemble a fun photo backdrop. Choose the tissue paper kind in a variety of colours or the shiny kind to add a touch of sparkle.

streamers backdrop

No matter which backdrop you choose, you’ll find your guests appreciate the invitation to strike a fun pose and have a photo printed in an instant that they can take home with them.

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