11 Things to Photograph with the New mini 11

We may call it mini, but our newest camera is actually a pretty big deal. Just like the other minis, the mini 11 is as cute as a button. And with just one click, you can capture the moment and hold it in your hand. Here are 11 ideas of what you can shoot with your instax mini 11.

mini 11 blush pink

1. Yourself

The instax mini 11’s dedicated Selfie Mode makes it easy to record all the fun you’re having, whether you’re alone or with a friend. Simply pull the lens out to turn Selfie Mode on.

mini 11 selfie

2. The beach

The camera’s new auto exposure is perfect for capturing a summer day as it will automatically adjust the shooting settings for the lighting conditions you’re in.

mini 11 beach

Image credit: @beatrizrcarvalho

3. Anything outside

We’re entering one of the nicest times of the year, with temperatures that are perfect for exploring so grab your mini 11 and head outdoors.

mini 11 outdoor photo

4. Your other half

Whether you’re in the middle of a great love story (or about to be soon), the instax mini 11 is an easy way to make memories last.

mini 11 couple

5. Your next holiday

Need inspiration? Here are six of the most instaxable cities in the world.

mini 11 travel
Image credit: @polamadic 

6. Your next get-together

As fun as instax is for everyday stuff, it’s the absolute star of the party, including weddings, birthdays or just a great Friday night get-together.

mini 11 party photos

7. Your wardrobe

Fashionistas will find it can be useful (and super fun) to spend a few hours trying on different combinations of clothing from your wardorbe to find new looks. When you find an outfit that works, snap a photo and create a moodboard for future reference.

mini 11 fashion

8. Your furry friend

Almost nothing beats a cute photo of your pet.

mini 11 dogs

9. Family time

While this one may be fairly obvious, there’s a difference between a good photo and a great photo. Here are 12 tips to make sure yours is the latter. 

mini 11 family

10. Details, details

Make the most of the new Selfie Mode and get up close to your subject (or between 30 and 50cm away to be precise). That means faces, flowers, food and more.

mini 11 close up

11. Really … Anything

The whole point of the instax mini 11 is that it’s almost effortless to use and get fantastic results. You don’t need to read a lengthy manual or have technical expertise. Just point, shoot and enjoy.

mini 11 white flat lay

The brand new instax mini 11 is all about fun. Find a hue that works for you — it comes in Lilac PurpleCharcoal Gray, Sky BlueBlush Pink and Ice White — and start capturing the little and big moments that make life so worth snapping.

mini 11 range