A Picture Worth A Million Words: Recapturing Memories with Friends

Jamie Azzopardi SQ1

By Jamie Azzopardi

Coming out of isolation and being able to enjoy each other’s company again has taught me to never again take for granted life's little moments with the ones I hold close! It's the little things like our morning coffee catch ups, lunch with a friend or even just a simple in person chat that seem to be what we didn’t appreciate as being able to do pre-isolation.

After months of waiting to catch up with my close friend I took out my trusty instax SQ1 to capture a beautiful meal with my soul-sister and fellow influencer Tayla He. It was great to finally be able to give her a much deserved and very belated birthday brunch that we couldn't get to do during lockdown. Capturing the moments we shared with the SQ1 felt more than special, it felt like a way to commemorate the crazy last two years we have all gone through. Being able to give her the simple yet effective present of an instax print of us symbolised just how together we are always, even if in person we can't be.

Jamie Azzopardi SQ1

There were many smiles, tears and stories that made this well overdue catch-up so necessary. We chatted about everything from birthday plans gone wrong to post lockdown goals and through the art of instax film we together told a story that I know I won't soon forget. Seizing the moment with the instax SQ1 allowed me to create a timeline of emotions we missed out on sharing together over the past 18 months. As we laughed, cried and reminisced, we captured a day I'll always remember.

Now is the perfect time for you to go out and make memories worth capturing and making up for the last couple of years. And what better way to do that than with the instax SQ1 that allows you to create instant memories that can be shared and treasured instantaneously? Check out some of the photos of my day that I captured with the SQ1 below!

You can use your instant photos in unique and diverse ways, from presents to scrap-book moments and even as artworks that contain all of your favourite things, places and people.

Jamie Azzopardi SQ1