Don't just take, give with instax

instax gives

Pick up your smartphone and take a look at the photos. How many are there? Probably at least a thousand, right? How many of those have ever made it off your screen to see the light of day? Isn’t it time to consider a new approach to photography?

Don’t just take, give.

We believe photos are meant to be shared, not just stored. And the instax range of cameras and printers make it easy to do exactly that—in a way that’s always quick, fun, creative and stylish.

Maybe it’s your birthday and you get together with friends, send a shot of you and your bestie to serve as a thank you note for the beautiful, vintage scarf she gave you.

instax thank you

Or maybe you meet the potential love of your life one Sunday morning at a café. After striking up a conversation, you take fun photos together with your instax mini LiPlay, complete with a sound bite saying you’d love to meet up again.

But you can think even bigger than that. Imagine hosting an anniversary party for your parents and creating centrepieces for each table and seeing the looks of surprise when family and old friends see the long-forgotten photos you printed off your phone using the instax mini Link.

mini link instax gives

Christmas is just around the corner. Why not create a mini scrapbook that tells your love story — and then give it to your significant other as a gift? Use the instax SHARE SP-3 to print classic square photographs off your phone, or have fun taking new photos with a colourful instax mini 9.

instax square scrapbook

With an instax, you can be holding a photo of your fabulous memories in about 10 seconds, which makes it super easy to both take photos and give them away, sharing the love wherever you go. So don’t just take, give with your favourite instax!