How to create Instagram worthy snaps with your instax

Nailing the perfect picture for Instagram is anything but easy breezy. How do content creators and influencers manage to do it? Here are six tips and tricks to get you on your way to capturing and creating content using your instax, that you, and your social media followers, will love.

1. Shoot at the right time

If there’s one time of day to snap up as many photos as possible, it’s golden hour - the last hour before sunset and the first hour after sunrise. The low-hanging sun provides the perfect lighting to capture cocktails by the pool, road trip moments, or playing tourist in your own city.

Look no further than the instax mini 40 as your golden hour essential. With automatic exposure, you won’t have to worry about racing the clock to adjust camera settings!

mini 40

Image credit: @jamieazzopardi

2. Make your prints pop with Themed Film

A photo of a photo, I hear you say? Yes - it’s a thing. Take your Instagram feed to the next level with prints from the instax Themed Film range, which are sure to stop all of your scrolling followers in their tracks. Our favourites - Confetti and Mermaid Tail - add a touch of style and flare to your photos.


Image credit: @helen_jannesonbense

3. Don’t forget your furry ones

Furry, feathery or scaly, there’s nothing your friends and followers love more than seeing snaps and videos of your adorable pet (plus, did we mention that research by NewsWhip revealed that pet content can result in an increase in Instagram comments by 295%!?) Despite its name, the instax mini 11 ensures every pet, from a miniature pony to a Great Dane, is captured for the ‘gram.

mini 11 pets

4. Tickle the tastebuds

Snapping your delish dish before eating is a foodie’s must-do ritual. It’s also a sure fire way to engage your Instagram followers, with the hashtag #food used on 250 million posts every month. Whether you want to show off your home-cooking creations or your go-to local cafe, the secret to the perfect food snap is to shoot from above, using your environment and natural light to your advantage. Also, the photo will only look as good as the food, so make sure you bring your A-game to the kitchen!

mini 11

5. Go crazy for candid

Candid photos are all about embracing spontaneity, so having your instax camera on hand and ready to go at all times will be the best way to capture these moments.

Another tip for getting the perfect candid shot is volume - take lots of photos. Don’t wait for the flawless snap to come and realise after that you missed it entirely. Instead, shoot, shoot, and keep yourself a whole range of options for Instagram. With the instax mini LiPlay, you can capture all the photos and choose your favourites to print.

mini LiPlay Elle Ferguson

Image credit: @elle_ferguson

6. Show off your environment

Your photo grid can tell your Instagram followers a lot about you. Maybe you’re a sun chaser who can’t get enough of the beach, or a keen adventurer who loves bush walks and the hidden gems nature has to offer. So, show off you in your happy place!


Image credit: @magali_c

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