How to use the instax mini LiPlay ‘Sound Mode’

Make some noise, we’ve launched new features to the instax mini LiPlay app making the ‘Sound Mode’ that much more effortless and easy to use.

Just as the name suggests, the instax mini LiPlay is packed full of fun and playfulness, so head to your app store to download the latest version of the instax mini LiPlay app (available on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store) and follow these steps to kick your sound recording up a notch.

Step 1

First things first, ensure your mini LiPlay is connected to the instax mini LiPlay app via Bluetooth. This can be done by going to Menu and selecting Bluetooth Settings on your mini LiPlay.

Step 2

Record your sound! You can either record a sound at the same time as you take your photo or you can add sound to an existing photo on the mini LiPlay.

To take a photo and record sound at the same time, press the sound button first to start recording and then the shutter button to take the photo.

To add sound to an existing photo on the camera, select the image in the playback menu and then press the sound button to record.

How you record has recently had a makeover - instead of pressing and holding down the Sound button, just press the button once to start recording. To take advantage of this new simplified process for recording and printing, you'll need to update the firmware on your mini LiPlay. Details of how to update your firmware are included at the bottom of this article.

Image credit: @anetalauradotcom

Step 3

Once you’ve recorded your sound clip, a QR code is then available to be printed on the photo and a copy of the photo and QR code is uploaded via Bluetooth straight to the app. Simply choose where you want to place the QR code on the image and print!

At this stage, it’s really important that you keep the app open and connected to your instax mini LiPlay while the image and sound recording upload. The app will display the word ‘Uploading’ while it’s processing the image and sound clip. Please wait for the upload to complete before closing the app, turning the camera off or taking another photo.

Step 4

To listen to your sound simply scan the QR code in your smartphone’s camera, follow the prompts to open the link and enjoy the memory!!

Handy hint - if you get an error message when you open the link, this is likely because the image and sound clip were not properly uploaded as outlined in step 3.

Image credit: @anetalauradotcom

Activating the ‘Sound Mode’ firmware updates on your LiPlay

To update ‘Sound Mode’ on your mini LiPlay, a firmware update is required and you’ll need a microSD card to do so.

How to update the firmware:

Visit to find the latest version of the mini LiPlay firmware.Click ‘Download New Firmware’ and save the file titled FPUPDATE.DAT to a microSD card. Insert the card into your sufficiently charged camera, turn  the power and then select the firmware version update from the menu

  1. When the firmware is upgraded, the image data saved in the camera‘s internal memory may be reset. For this reason, be sure to create a backup of your data before updating the firmware. See below for how to backup and restore your data

 How to backup data:

  1. Insert a microSD card into the camera and turn on the power
  2. Select and execute the following command from the camera playback menu:


 How to restore from backup data:

  1. Insert the microSD card containing the backup data into the camera and turn on the power
  2. Select and execute the following command from the camera playback menu: