New Era. New instax. Introducing the instax mini LiPlay

If a picture could talk, what would it say?

We no longer have to ponder that question with today’s release of the revolutionary instax mini LiPlay. This hybrid instant camera is changing the very notion of what a camera is supposed to do. In addition to capturing images, the mini LiPlay also captures sound!

instax mini LiPlay - elegant black

There are many amazing features of the instax mini LiPlay, the smallest and most lightweight hybrid instant camera in the history of the instax series to date.

At approximately 83mm x 123mm x 37mm, our newest camera can easily be held in one hand and be popped in to your pocket or handbag. It uses the credit-card sized instax mini format film and only weighs 255g!

But the most unique feature of the mini LiPlay is its new sound recording function, which can convert up to 10 seconds of audio into a QR code that prints on the front of your photo. To listen to it, you simply scan the code with any phone’s QR code reader.

So, a gorgeous shot of the beach can also include the sound of waves crashing. A photo of your birthday cake can also capture your friends singing “Happy Birthday” to you. A photo you take for your boyfriend or girlfriend can whisper “I love you.” The options are as unlimited as your imagination.

instax mini LiPlay QR sound recording

Like instax’s other hybrid cameras, you can review photos via the LCD monitor on the back of your camera and choose the images you want to print. That way, you can print the exact shot you want without wasting film. You can also print images from your smartphone using the instax mini LiPlay app available from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Taking a group shot? The mini LiPlay also offers a ‘Remote Shooting’ function so that you can use your smartphone to release the shutter while standing away from the camera itself.

Now let’s talk about looks. If you’ve fallen in love with the darling vibrant coloured instax mini 9s, then get ready to fall in love all over again. The mini LiPlay comes in three stunning colour options; Elegant Black, Stone White and Blush Gold.

instax mini LiPlay - all colours

The Elegant Black version features an embossed finish on the camera’s surface, while the Stone White version has a rough, stone-like surface achieved with a special spray coating. The Blush Gold dazzles with a smooth lustrous finish. All three versions boast metallic trim to complete the premium look.

instax mini LiPlay stone white

With the revolutionary new instax mini LiPlay, your photos can capture more than ever before, allowing you to connect in a new way with family, friends and even people you meet on your adventures. You’ll love how the mini LiPlay feels in your hand. You’ll love how it looks. And most of all, you’ll love how it brings more spontaneity, creativity and joy to your world.

Priced at $229 and available from 18th June 2019, find out more about the new instax mini LiPlay and where to buy one.