Show how you see the world: your guide to the mini Evo

Some see the ordinary. But you see something no one else does. To you the sunlight dappled across your window is an expression of art. You have a unique point of view, and now you can share it with the instax mini Evo.

As the latest member of our hybrid instant camera and smartphone printer family, the mini Evo is the most expressive instax yet.

To help you decide whether the mini Evo is the right instax for you, we’ve summarised four of our favourite features. Get ready to show how you see the world.

instax mini Evo

1. 100 creative expressions

Get ready to be creative with ten lens effects and ten film effects to choose from - that’s 100 different expressions!

From Light Leak and Double Exposure lens effects, to Monochrome and Vivid film effects, enjoy the freedom of capturing that shot exactly the way you see it.


  • Color shift
  • Fisheye
  • Blue
  • Vignette
  • Normal
  • Light Leak
  • Double exposure
  • Half-frame
  • Mirror
  • Soft focus


  • Canvas
  • Retro
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Pale
  • Normal
  • Vivid
  • Monochrome
  • Sepia

2. The best of both worlds: analogue and digital, camera and printer

The mini Evo has been designed for a rich analogue experience, with all the convenience of a digital device.

It’s the first instax camera to feature a print lever along with lens and film dials, enabling you to create instant photographs with the creative control normally reserved for digital and traditional analogue cameras.

The mini Evo is a hybrid instant digital camera and smartphone printer in one, meaning you’ll be able to get quality prints of that perfect shot mere moments after taking it; whether you’ve captured it using your smartphone or the mini Evo camera.

Need to print something captured on your smartphone? With the mini Evo, you can choose a shot from your photo roll and crop, rotate, tweak the brightness, contrast and saturation, add a filter and print directly from your smartphone using the instax mini Evo app.

3. Sharp shots, crisp prints

The mini Evo has double the resolution of exposure compared to previous hybrid models, so you can print the perfect image every time. You can also choose between instax-Rich Mode, which enhances the colours of your images, and instax-Natural Mode, which creates a softer, more classic instant photo feel.

4. It’s easy on the eyes

We might be a little biased, but this is one good looking camera. The premium design sets a certain atmosphere when capturing that perfect shot. Whether your approach is spontaneous or exact, you’ll look picture perfect with the mini Evo as your stylish side-kick.

The world is full of possibilities, change and expression - and so are you. Your unique point of view belongs to you, and now with the mini Evo you can bring it to life.

It’s the perfect tool to show how you see the world. Explore the mini Evo in more depth here.