What to do on Valentine’s Day based on your fave instax

(Image Credit: @sophiamulheran)

It’s time to stop and smell the roses, Valentine’s Day is approaching.

Whether you’ll be spending the day with your besties, your significant other, or your furry friend, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to shower special people in your life with love.

But with so many fun activities and so few hours in the day, here’s some fun (and romantic) tips on what you can do on Valentine’s Day using your fave instax product.

mini 11: Take a starry stroll

There’s something totally romantic about a walk under the stars. Stroll along your city’s fairy light lit boardwalk, stopping off for some tasty gelato and snapping the moments with the instax mini 11, the ideal camera to pop into your handbag.

And with its automatic exposure, you don't even need to think about changing any settings for the night lighting - the camera will do this for you, leaving you more time to spend with your S.O.

mini 11

(Image Credit: @ya.sir21)

mini Link: Stop by your special spot

Whether it’s the local cafe where she told you she loved you, or the tree-lined park where you and your bestie first met, Valentine’s Day is the day to visit your special spot. 

With your instax mini Link in hand, you’ll be able to reminisce on old memories, but also create new ones to print and keep for Valentine’s Days to come.

 mini link

(Image Credit: @nishas_ahmed)

mini LiPlay: Wind down on a weekend getaway

Valentine's Day is all about spending quality one-on-one time with your special person, making a weekend getaway the perfect plan. Capture the sights and sounds of your trip away, from the sea swell to the campfire crackling with your instax mini LiPlay.

 mini liplay

(Image Credit: @rachelcrothers)

mini 40: Soak up the local sights

When was the last time you had a chance to stop and appreciate the wonderful things in your neighbourhood? Make a day of it with someone special and go exploring locally. Don’t forget your mini 40 to capture all of the special sights, your date being the number one subject of course.

(Image Credit: @lifestylesydney)

SQ1: Enjoy breakfast in bed

The instax SQ1 is all about embracing the simple things in life. So for this reason, a dreamy Valentine’s Day should start with an effortless and cosy breakfast in bed. 

Pop down to the shops bright and early to pick up your fave baked treats and fresh coffee, making sure to get your special person’s order right! And if your Valentine happens to be your furry friend, don’t forget to get them a treat too.

Sarah Dehays SQ1

(Image Credit: @sarahdehays)

Link WIDE: Make it a day for Selfies

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the people you love, especially your besties. So if you’re planning on spending your day with your friends, make sure you get everyone in shot with the instax Link WIDE smartphone printer.

With so much love to give, the Link WIDE has prints double the width of mini film, so there’s plenty of room for all those special moments.