Why go WIDE?

instax cameras are designed to capture the moment with the press of a button. But what if the fun you’re trying to capture is larger than your lens? Here are some reasons why you should give the instax WIDE 300 a try...

Twice as WIDE

Let’s say you get together with a group of friends or family for a barbecue and you’re trying to squeeze everyone into a photo. Or the sun is setting over the water and you want to remember every glorious detail. Or maybe you spend the weekend in a new city and want to cement the skyline in your mind.

That’s when it’s time to bring in the heavyweight of instax cameras—the WIDE 300, which always makes room for more. In fact, the photos produced by the WIDE 300 are twice the width of traditional instax mini prints (86 mm by 108 mm to be precise). 

WIDE 300 Group Shot

Space to create

And it’s not just the scene you can capture that’s exciting. The WIDE 300 also gives you the room you need to get creative. That extra room allows you to use negative space to draw attention to your subject, create movement, get artsy, or just add a bit of mystery to your photos.

WIDE 300 space to create

Capture all the detail

Then there’s the close-up lens, which allows you to shoot as close as 40 cm away from your subject. Imagine capturing the vibrant colours of an orchid, the mouth-watering beauty of a four-layer cake, or even a selfie of you and your entourage of friends (we’re thinking of *that* Oscar selfie of 2014!) while out and about.

WIDE 300 Capture the detail

Brains and beauty

The WIDE 300 is easy on the eye, too, boasting a classic black-and-silver aesthetic that just begs to be shown off at parties or brought along on your next adventure.

WIDE 300 Product

If you’re ready to double your fun, the instax WIDE 300 can help you create bigger and better memories—in an instant.