Your guide to the mini 90 and WIDE 300 icons

Have you ever wondered what that flower icon means on your instax? What about that little mountain icon? To help you get the most out of your instax camera or printer, we’ve pulled together a go-to guide for all the icons and letters you might come across on your instax mini 90 or instax WIDE 300.

The better you understand the countless features your instax has to offer, the more fun and creativity there is to be had.

mini 90 icons

Macro Shooting Mode

macro mode

Featured on: mini 90

This handy little flower icon is called Macro Mode. This setting will help you capture subjects at close range, so around 30 - 60 cm away. Select this mode when you want to feature the smaller things in life, like insects or plants. You might want to avoid capturing anything fast moving in this mode.

mini 90 macro

Adjusting the Brightness

Light & Dark icon

Featured on: mini 90 & WIDE 300

Rain, hail or shine, it’s easy to miss the magic of the moment if the image brightness doesn’t suit the surroundings. But rest assured adjusting the brightness on your instax is as easy as using the below buttons, which range from Lighten, to Lighten + and Darken.



Lighten + (mini 90 only)

Lighten + (mini 90 only)



hellogabyj WIDE prints

Image credit: @hellogabyj

Self Timer

Self Timer Icon

Featured on: mini 90

Whether you want to up your selfie game or join in on the group shot, look no further than the self timer. To use the Self Timer, simply press it once. A light will then flash for 7 seconds, then quickly for a further 3 seconds before it takes the shot. You can also choose to take two consecutive photos with the Self Timer by pressing the button twice.

instax mini prints

Flash Functions

Flash Icon

Featured on: mini 90 & WIDE 300

Embrace your inner professional photographer by adjusting your flash settings. With the WIDE 300 you can either switch flash on or off using this button, however with the mini 90, you can choose from a number of flash functions; from fill in flash to red eye removal, depending on the type of shot you’re after.

fill in flash

Fill in flash: Select this when you want to use a flash regardless of the brightness. The subject will be photographed sharply with backlighting.

Red eye removal icon

Red eye removal: Select when you want to minimise a red eye effect.

Turn off flash icon

Turn off flash: Select when you want to shoot without a flash.

WIDE 300 black

Additional Settings

mode icon

Featured on: mini 90

Take your photography to the next level when you experiment with additional mode settings. Depending on the style of shot you’re after or your subjects, instax has the mode for you.

party mode icon

Party: There ain’t no party like an instax party! With a flash function that fires at a slow shutter speed, ‘Party Mode’ ensures backgrounds are bright, just like those party memories.

kids mode icon

Kids: Little ones aren’t known for their love of staying still. So how do you photograph a moving child without it looking blurry? Use ‘Kids Mode’, which will reduce the blur when shooting a fast moving subject.

landscape mode icon

Landscape: From beaches to mountains, ‘Landscape Mode’ is perfect for shooting far away places, over 3 metres. 

double exposure mode icon

Double Exposure: When they said two was better than one, they weren’t wrong. Double exposure allows you to shoot two subjects in one image, channelling your artistic side while making the most of your instax print.

bulb mode icon

Bulb: Calling all the nocturnal creatures. The ‘Bulb’ mode can be used when shooting at night as the shutter is kept open while the shutter button is pressed (for up to 10 seconds). We suggest using a table or tripod in this mode to avoid camera shake and blurring your image.

mini 90 double exposure

To get into the nitty-gritty of your instax, view and download the user manual for your camera here.