INSTAX mini 12 Stax of Fun! Instant Photo Kit

Unwrap joy with the INSTAX mini 12 - ready to go with a simple twist of the lens. Fully loded with easy-to-use modes and controls. Simply aim and click for joyful one-off snaps every time.

Combined perfectly positioned selfie mirror, automatic flash control and cheery mini prints, the mini 12 is a selfie moment-grabbing extraordinaire.

Available for a limited time only, the Stax of Fun! Instant Photo Kit is the INSTAX holiday season ‘must-have’ for 2023.

INSTAX SQUARE Link Smartphone Printer Kit

Elevate your imagination with the INSTAX SQUARE Link Smartphone Printer Kit
Meet your smartphone's artistic companion – a Bluetooth-enabled photo printer that not only fascinates, but also connects you to your loved ones.

Team with the SQUARE Link app to turn your physical prints into animated masterpieces with AR Print effects or use INSTAX Connect to personalize images and send them across the world.
Featuring the same high-end film and print tech as all our other Fujifilm products, our neatly framed SQUARE film is a perfectionist's dream.

Only available for a limited time, the SQUARE Link Smartphone Printer Kit is ideal for sharing the moments you don’t want to keep buried in your phone.