Meet the INSTAX mini 99

It’s a secret we’ve been bursting to share and now we can finally introduce the newest addition to the INSTAX family... say hello to the mini 99.  

Unleash your creativity and capture life's special moments with the mini 99, an expansion to the analogue photography experience. With this new film camera, you can create one-of-a-kind instant photos as unique as you, with light and colour controls within the camera to create the world as you see it on an INSTAX print.  

Meet the INSTAX mini 99 

With its unique features, the mini 99 is one of our most exciting product launches yet. A classic style camera, the mini 99 features a stunning matte black finish, sleek dials and buttons. The camera is crafted to perfection to be the ultimate fashion accessory, but never dimensioning in functions. 

Twinning with 2 identical shutter buttons - one on the side for landscape shots and one on the front for portraits – it is designed to get ‘the shot’ every time.   

If you enjoy getting in front of the camera as much as behind it, the Macro Mode was designed for you., In this mode, you can snap a photo and experience the thrill of watching the ultimate (self) portrait develop before your eyes. All the crew out for an adventure? No one gets left out with the self-timer mode, ready to capture those iconic group shots. 

Whatever you are capturing, focus your way by turning the lens dial to power up your camera. Stop at Landscape for distances, Macro for stunning close-ups or Standard Mode for everything in between. Then let the colour do the talking and snap unique shots every time, with six awe-inspiring analogue colour effects to fuel your creative freedom (all powered by colour-changing LEDs located in the camera). 

Stock up on your INSTAX mini prints ready to experiment.  

Create one-of-a-kind, attention -grabbing instant photos as unique as you with the INSTAX mini 99 and colour your way.  

Choose Light Blue (LB) to create a gentle, light and refreshing feel with pal blue hint.  

Switch to Soft Magenta (SM) to produce a soft looking, reddish hue image.  

Change to Sepia (SP) to opt for a timeless tone, courtesy of a yellow vintage style tint.  

Add a dramatic light ‘bleed’ with Light Leak (LL) for a burst of colour and randomness.  

Apply a sense of warmth with Warm Tone (WT) to add emotion to casual photos.  

Faded Green (FG) creates a greenish atmosphere for a touch of nostalgia.  

Don't want to use a colour effect? No problem, just twist the dial to Normal (N) Mode. 

Make each and every photo count with the right shooting mode. Not only are they easy to cycle through, but they help capture photos in their true, analogue format. With so many ways to capture a truly unique photo, the mini 99 is ready to take you into your analogue era and delve into your creative side. 

Discover the INSTAX mini 99 

Behind the lens of the mini 99 at Melbourne’s Grand Prix 

Esquire Australia saw the Melbourne Grand Prix behind the lens of the INSTAX mini 99, and amidst all the fun snapped some great shots of the race and behind the scenes access during one of the most famous weekends of the year in Australia  

Behind the madness and magic of the race, the mini 99 was the perfect companion to capture unique and unforgettable moments, check them out below.  

Are you ready to get your hands on the mini 99? Share your favourite moments and tag @fujiinstaxaus Instagram channel as you get behind the lens and capture your unique moments.  

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