Print memories with an INSTAX Link printer

At INSTAX we’re all about two things, fun and sharing with others. You might know us best for our instant print cameras, but did you know we do printers all on their own too? Our Link family of printers connect directly to your smartphone and enable you to instantly, and easily, print any one of your treasured memories from your phone library, anytime, and anywhere.  

Print those priceless moments from family events, the travel shots that you made you feel like a pro-photographer or anything else you desire from the magical parts of your day-to-day life.  

A Link printer isn’t just about you and your photos, it also allows you to experience the joy of giving photos to friends and family instantly and unforgettably. Don’t let your precious moments get lost in your phone. Start printing, sharing and giving.  

Let us introduce you to the INSTAX Link printer family...Are you a mini lover or perhaps you’re a capture it all in WIDE type of person? Maybe you’re just passionate about the good old SQUARE format? Read on to find out which Link printer is right for you.  


Rescue the memories that are locked away in your phone in our signature WIDE format.  This printer is the one to choose when you want to see the 'fullness' of every moment, captured for all to see.  

Beyond being able to fit more in your frame, you can use the INSTAX Link WIDE app to customise your prints conveniently on your smartphone. You can add text to caption the moment, resize, apply a fun filter, play with the contrast – it’s next-level creativity at your fingertips. 

An INSTAX WIDE print also makes the perfect gift when you add a QR code that reveals a secret message – think your voice in a photo, it’s the perfect way to communicate a precious memory to a loved one. 

If you’re one of those people who likes to document your life’s adventures, you can also add links and locations so there are no more, “where was that taken again?” moments when you’re revisiting your last trip with friends or family. You know the conversation we’re talking about.  

Your memories, printed, personalised and perfectly preserved. 

*DIY idea – Real friendships deserve WIDE memories. Make your birthday gift for your bestie unforgettable this year with a personalised visual timeline of your friendship. Think of all those memories from over the years immortalised in print and summarised personally in your own voice.  

Start printing with an INSTAX Link WIDE

INSTAX mini Link 2  

Live in the moment and print on-the-go with the mini Link 2 printer. The mini is the perfect companion for all your events, whether that be a festival, sports game or travelling around the globe, bringing your images into the real world is both easy and speedy.  

Get creative with the INSTAX mini Link 2 printer and its credit-card-sized gems, showcasing your adventures and memories, by adding special effects to your prints. 

 One of the most exciting and unexpected features that comes built into the mini Link 2 printers is our AR drawing mode. It’s as easy as holding down the feature button on your mini Link 2 - then start swinging those arms around to enter the virtual world where you can add scribbles and visual notes to your prints. Draw whatever your heart desires – this is doodling with meaning. 

Better with a pen? Simply sketch whatever is in your mind out on paper, capture it in the mini Link 2 app with your smartphone and watch as the app magically cuts your sketch out. It's then over to you to add it to your favourite snaps, edit and print.  

The mini-Link 2 and its accompanying app are a true playground for the budding artist in everyone.  

 * DIY idea – It’s hard to believe with digital wallets dominating these days, but those little credit-card-sized binders people used to use for their many excess cards still exist, and they make the perfect compact photo album for your INSTAX mini prints. It’s the ideal gift for a friend who is going travelling and needs to compress those precious memories into carry-on size.  

The creative options are endless with an INSTAX mini Link 2


Print more than just photos with INSTAX SQUARE Link smartphone printer. We hate memories that get lost in the digital archive, so we found a way to rescue them off your phone and add a bit of magic to them.  

Like its mini friend, the INSTAX SQUARE Link embraces AR bringing the digital world to life beyond the screen. This is the first INSTAX feature to give your prints an extra dimension. Give your friends a virtual birthday cake or fill their day with virtual rainbows – there is plenty of interactive fun to be had.  

One of our other favourite, completely unique INSTAX SQUARE Link features is INSTAX Connect. That’s the ability to send your prints from one end of the world to the other. All your friend needs is their own INSTAX SQUARE Link printer to receive your customised print via their fave social media app where they can print it off. It’s a totally new and memorable way to send messages that you and your loved ones will want to keep forever.  

The INSTAX SQUARE Link is the perfect photographic partner for those who love to embrace a sense of nostalgia - it’s a classic look that comes with plenty of modern features to help you go beyond the traditional square frame.  

Rescue your summer memories, place them in a photo album, stick them in a scrapbook or display it on your fridge door. Just promise us, you won’t let your precious moments get lost in your phone ever again!  

Find out about SQUARE Link and so much more.

But what’s a printer without the film? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered when it comes to film as well. Our INSTAX mini films come in array of bright colours and patterns – think confetti and graphic spray art. Opt for soft and subtle shades like sunset with the SQUARE or make a classically bold statement with our signature monochrome picks for the INSTAX Link WIDE.  

What are you waiting for? Get printing with one of our Link series printers and your fave film now.  

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