Share your summer memories with these DIY tips

Is it nearly time to go back to work and schoolalready?Time flies when you're having fun!But just because summer may be coming to an end, does not mean the memories can’t stay alive.  

Our New Year’s Resolution is to share more DIY tips with you, so you can share all your INSTAX prints from the summer just gone and beyond in 2024! So, what type of DIY person are you?  

Photo wall

An INSTAX photo wall is a super simple and quick way to create eye-catching, moments of personal decor around your home. Using INSTAX prints, you can either keep things simple.

If a full wall seems too daunting, place your prints in a frame mosaic style or experiment with adding background images that remind you of your holiday backdrop, maybe you went to the beach or hiked through the mountains. Let the theme of your vacay come alive around your INSTAX prints. 

Did you travel over the holidays? Pin the destinations with a memorable snap!  

Blend memories and memorabilia

This one goes beyond the two dimensional! Make your prints part of a larger decorative display by adding some holiday memorabilia. Think shells connected to your prints and hung against the wall with string.  

 Photo or scrapbook 

 The perfect addition to your scrapbook with your summer holiday souvenirs are your INSTAX print photos. Place a selfie of you in front of the theatre next to your musical tickets or stick a snap of you and your bestie next to a serviette from that outback cafe you visited on your road trip. Scrapbooks or photo album's make the perfect gift for a friend, or a good read when you want to relive those memories.

 Don’t forget to get creative when it comes to decorating, think bright coloured notes, stickers, clips and crafts!  


Get Creative 

There are hundreds of different DIY things you could do with your INSTAX prints that goes beyond a scrapbook or photo wall. How about bookmarks for your schoolbooks, crafty birthday cards? Or stick your prints in the back of your phone or on your laptop cover! 

Don’t forget all the bonus things that your cameras can do prior to printing. Like Pal, there are 18 photo-tastic filters that can be selected and stickers to give your snaps some extra character, all conveniently housed in the INSTAX Pal app.  

Did you know about the AR print modes with the SQUARE Link app? Add personalised effects like text, sounds and hidden messages, ready to view by scanning the QR code with your smart phone. 

Likewise, the beautifully framed WIDE prints printed from the Link WIDE app, can also be enriched with colour, enhanced with QR messages and even personalised with sketches. 

The possibilities are endless and easy for everyone to use – beginner or advanced, you don’t need to be an artist or a calligrapher to use the INSTAX apps you just keep playing around until you get the result you want. The process is part of the fun!  

Digital album  

If you have photo prints that all your friends want but are unsure how to share them around – INSTAX UP is the answer! All your INSTAX photos digitally, and safely, in one space.  

It’s easy to do in 3 steps! But there are also tonnes of creative extras to make your digital photo album standout. 

Step 1: Scan your INSTAX photos using the app. No need to worry about shadows, or light glares – the app's advanced scanning system has them all under control. 

Bonus Step: Don’t miss the part where you can add personal details, like stickers or handwritten notes to your prints! 

Step 2: Organise your collection of scanned INSTAX photos. Choose your preference from either ‘Box’ or ‘List’ view, in collections of your choice.  

Step 3: Share your summer snaps gallery across your chosen social media platform or message the memories to friends and family. Unlike your traditional scrapbook, these can cross oceans, and offer those close to us, but far away, a curated glimpse inside our memories.  

Find out more with our step-by-step guide here: 

Don’t miss a moment this year, print out all your 2024 memories and share your DIY decorating and display ideas with us #INSTAXDIY & #DontJustTakeGive. 

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