The Ultimate Guide To Displaying Your instax Prints

So simple…

An instax photo wall is a super simple and quick way to create wall art in your home, using instax prints. Either keeping it simple with 20 prints or go bold with over 50, it's completely up to you! Placing the prints in a fun variety of shapes, adds interest and personality.

Wall art is high impact, cool and always has an impressive wow factor that can work in any space. Using your own instax photo prints not only creates an area of interest in your home, but including photos of friends, family, your favourite holiday can really make you feel good.

I really love instax prints as they're made from real film, meaning they are very durable, have a lovely tactile feel in your hand and the images don't fade. I like to have tangible prints of my photos rather than locking them away on my camera roll and wall art is a great way to share your memories. If you love to get snap happy, give it a try!

instax prints in more detail…

instax film comes in 3 different sizes:

What you need: instax prints, double-sided stickers and a wall – it's that easy!


Simple design ideas

If you want a photo wall that is simple, then 20 prints can create some lovely shapes that are super easy to achieve. Try a diamond, heart, checkerboard or corner space design to add a touch of personality to your room.

Word Up

Say it loud and proud with some fun typography!
Words can really pack a punch, and if you have prints to spare, double up on the width for extra impact.

Colour Match

Add a splash of colour by grouping similar coloured images together in your display.

50+ design ideas

Fancy going big and bold?
Using 50 prints or more can certainly offer the wow factor to your space.
Try a smiley face emoji, star or cool patterns.

Corner spaces

Don't have a large wall space to use? Try a corner space instead.
A diamond design wonderwall looks great in a corner – place behind an armchair, or standing lamp for a cool and stylish look.

Feeling inspired?

Give your wall some love & share your designs

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The Kit

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