Three things you didn't know INSTAX could do!

So you’ve already got your hands on an instax smartphone printer and got stuck into printing out your fave memories on the iconic instax film, but did you know there are heaps of ways to elevate your prints even further? See how you can take your creativity to the next level with instax!

QR Codes, but make them fun

We all know travelling with your instax is the best way to capture your favourite sights…But what if there was a way you could encapsulate an entire moment in time?

Enter the instax SQUARE Link! The printer that goes beyond boundaries with not only wide, vibrant instant film, but the awesome QR print mode feature, adding richness and depth to the moments that matter the most.

Whether it’s sharing a link to the delicious pasta recipe you found on TikTok (Homemade Pods anyone), details of an event (hello invite inspo) or recording the coordinates of a beautiful spot on a bushwalk, there's so many ways to incorporate the QR feature into your instant film.

Just open up your instax Link WIDE app, select your favourite photo and choose QR. You can then upload sound or a link that connects to your code and hit print. It’s as easy as that!


Giving you the best of both worlds (just like Hannah Montana!) the INSTAX mini LiPlay allows you to both shoot and print your memories directly from the device. Featuring additional sound capabilities, the mini LiPlay allows you to convert recorded sounds into a QR code, so you can play your favourite memories on repeat.

Whether it be capturing “I love you” from someone special, a tone deaf rendition of Happy Birthday or the cutest first word from bub, the QR feature allows you to revisit and share the feeling of being in the moment time and time again.

To enhance your favourite moments with QR codes, simply select your favourite photo on the mini LiPlay app and choose QR to record your sound.


Cast your mind back to school, where school photos and textbook characters were tainted with scribbles of angelic halos, questionable missing teeth and curly moustaches…

With the INSTAX SQUARE Link, you can now give the favourite people in your life the same artistic treatment with the revolutionary sketch and edit tool.

All you need to do is grab your smartphone and choose the sketch and edit feature in the Square Link app, and trace your finger over the image to add more depth and personality! Scribble absent mindedly (or with intent) all over your shot.

With a range of fun and colourful effects, the sketch and edit feature is just another one of many ways you can take your memories to new heights!

We’d love to see how you incorporate these fun and playful features into the instant film you create, tag us in your photos @fujiinstaxaus for a chance to be featured on our social channels.

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