What INSTAX era are you in?

The queen of eras has has just left Australia and we're still recovering! Not ready to let go of the excitement just yet? Hang on to the sparkles, the sequins and your favourite fits, the best parties always end with an INSTAX.

So what INSTAX era are you in? Read on and let's find out!  

The OG mini 12 era is where you can have some fun and experiment with new mini film print styles like rainbow or pastel colours, confetti, graphic spray art, hearts and many more (a design for every era)! Match your style to your mini 12 with pastel colours and matching gems.  

Want to snap the perfect selfie of you and your bestie dancing away? It's what the INSTAX mini 12 was born to do. With a perfectly positioned mirror, close-up mode and the automatic flash control, a selfie moment-grabbing extraordinaire. 

Discover the mini 12 era 

The mini link 2 era is all about letting your creativity shine. A pop of blue eyeshadow, the mini link 2 in space blue and a pack of blue mini films is all you need to complete your evening and re-live your favourite memories.

Dance the night away and print your moves with the INSTAXAIR feature! Hold down the feature button on your mini Link 2 and be creative with the LED light on the side of the printer to draw your favourite shapes in the air. If the printer is vibrating it means it's working, so whatever you decide to draw, be it a squiggle, a heart or a letter, it'll appear on your image.

Get in your mini Link 2 era 


Australian Winter is on its way, which is the perfect time for the SQUARE SQ1 era and the perfect cozy style to match the colourways.     

Capture your world in square with bigger selfies and cozy moments from the season. With the power of an automated flash to calculate the brightness of your environment, the SQUARE SQ1 adjusts the shutter speed accordingly – ensuring the perfect snap every time! 

The ‘classic print style’ of the SQUARE film is the perfect way to preserve memories from your SQUARE era for years to come. Push your creativity boundaries with the soft and subtle shades of the Sunset frame. 

Unlock your SQUARE SQ1 era 


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