Create personalised gifts with INSTAX

Creating DIY gifts using INSTAX prints is a great way to give personalised and heartfelt presents. It’s also a fun activity to put together. DIY gifts made with INSTAX prints could be simple or made into a bigger project that allows your creativity to shine, and the efforts are  worthwhile when you see the smile on the face of the person receiving it. 

Whether you have a bunch of prints that you have saved over time from snapping away with your INSTAX cameras, or you’re ready to sit down and get printing off your phone with a Link Printer, there are so many different ways to put together prints to create your own work of art. DIY projects can work with any of your chosen prints, whether that be mini, SQUARE or WIDE size, and don’t forget to get creative with  different types of film. 

 A photo frame is a great gift idea for a friend. But if you’re bored of the plain wooden picture frames, why not try out different materials, or even make your own. If you’ve shared a special moment with a friend or travelled together, why not relive those moments with some memorable snaps. Experiment with different frame styles and add personable memories like a handwritten note or a map cut out of where you visited and watch those memories come to life.   

If you’ve got lots of memories you want to print and share, you could level up your DIY skills with a folder memory book or file – you can make it as short or long as you like! It's helpful to have all the tools ready to go, alongside your chosen prints. 


What you’ll need to create a memory book: 

  • Cardstock or construction paper 
  • Scissors 
  • Glue or double-sided tape 
  • Ribbons, stickers, and other decorative items, like Washi tape, markers, glitter, etc. 

Other ideas could be as simple as personalised fridge magnets or bookmarks and scrapbook prints with added embellishments. Get creative with bright colours, confetti, graphic spray art - the list goes on (and on). Our extensive INSTAX film ranges give a variety of different options to make your designs even more fun. A gift for a loved one? Add an extra element of desire to your INSTAX photo project with the 'Heart Sketch' deco film pack. 

You can pretty much personalise anything when it comes to DIY gifting with your INSTAX prints, you just have to use your imagination. But luckily, we have hundreds of ideas to get you started and ready to go - check out our Instazine blog for monthly inspiration. 

We want to see how creative you can get, so don't forget to tag your own #INSTAXdiy moments @fujiinstaxaus for a chance to be featured on our feed. 

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