INSTAX's top photography tips you may not know!

Recently got your hands on an instax camera or printer? Yay! Whilst you’re learning all the ins and outs, we’ve compiled a list of fun features on some of our favourite cameras that you may not know about! Check them out…

Mini 90 -  Party Mode and Kids Mode

With a variety of shooting modes and enhanced creative capabilities, the mini 90 is the perfect camera for any occasion.

Are you the person who loves to take tonnes of photos on a night out, but find that sometimes your camera doesn’t capture the moment with flash? Say a big hello to Party mode, adjusting the amount of flash according to the brightness in the room, making the background of your photo perfectly visible! Be gone, a sad and dark instant film!

Although they’re incredibly cute, (most of the time) kids can be one of the hardest things to capture, especially when they are full of energy and being active!

Capture their quick movements with Kids Mode, the perfect setting for taking pictures of fast moving objects, both indoors and outdoors. With an increased shutter speed, Kids Mode reduces the blurring of images to create perfect memories on instant film.

Selfie mode for closeups

We all LOVE the selfie mode found on instax cameras such as the mini 12, SQ40, SQ1, mini 40 and mini LiPlay, being the perfect way to ensure none of your besties get left out of the frame. Aside from being perfect for selfies, the mirror offers a dual function on the instax SQ1 camera for closeups of even the most detailed objects.

With a lens functionality spanning 0.3m and beyond, the SQ1 is the perfect camera to capture detailed images on instant film, just point and click the lens twice to activate selfie mode for closeup shots.

mini Link 2 - more than just a printer

The mini Link 2 is an awesome accessory that prints epic instant film, and provides loads of ways to express yourself with additional creative opportunities. Between printing, creating and making, there honestly isn’t much this printer can’t do!

If you’re still learning the ropes about all the creative tools packed into the mini Link 2, a fun feature that you may not know about is the innovative motion sensor and remote photo capability. Use the inbuilt motion control feature to snap pics from your phone with the click of a button remotely from your device. You can even zoom in or out by tilting the device how it suits you!

What other tips have you learnt with your instax camera or printer? Be sure to share them with us on our Instagram or Facebook with #fujiinstaxaus, we’d love to hear them!

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