Get Creative with INSTAX Film Collection

Our beyond-extensive film ranges takes all the fun things you can do to display your INSTAX prints to a whole new level and you don't need to lift a finger - except the one to snap and print! We've gotten creative with bright colours, confetti, graphic spray art - the list goes on (and on). 

So first, let's determine your print style. Are you a mini lover, a capture it all in WIDE type of person, or just passionate about the good old SQUARE format? Let's get clued up on the different films suited for you and your INSTAX camera. It's time to choose your view and show off your precious moments with INSTAX films.  

INSTAX mini film is the size of a credit card and can be used in any INSTAX mini camera such as mini 12 or mini evo and the mini Link 2 printer. And boy have we had fun creating loads of different film options for you – it's almost endless. We have got creative with bright colours, confetti, graphic spray art and the list goes on (and on), not forgetting all the fun things you can do to display your prints, which you can discover in on our DIY tips blog. 

Get creative with mini prints.   




INSTAX SQUARE film can be used in any INSTAX SQUARE camera, like the SQUARE SQ1, SQUARE SQ4 or the SQUARE Link printer. It boasts the same professional high quality instant photograph technology found in all INSTAX film, but in a square format. You could call this size the classic print style and the perfect way to preserve those memories for years to come, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress things up a little bit with the soft and subtle shades of the Sunset frame or the bright and brilliant hues of our Rainbow film. Make your prints standout from the crowd  

Keep it classic with our SQUARE films . 





INSTAX WIDE film is double the size of mini film for when nothing but a WIDE shot will do the memory justice. The WIDE films can be used with the WIDE 300 camera or the INSTAX Link WIDE printer. If you’re all-in on the retro-film look, you can’t go past Monochrome where the picture in the frame says it all in black and white. The bigger the print, the bigger the memories to share with others, and with guaranteed accurate colour, sharpness and classic print designs to choose from, our WIDE film ensures you never miss out on the details in the big picture.  

Go big with our WIDE prints.  

And don’t forget Pal! Our palm-sized friend, who is all about equal opportunity, it lets you capture mini, SQUARE or WIDE sized digital INSTAX images to share and store digitally. Or bring them into the real world with your chosen Link printer and get printing.  

Meet Pal.  


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