10 Tips to Capture your Pet’s Cuteness with instax

Pet photography can be a lot of fun, especially when you can hold the results in your hands in just a few seconds. Here are 10 tips for getting it right.

  1. Fill the frame with a close-up shot of your pet’s adorable little face. Depending on which instax you have, you’ll do that by using either Macro Mode or the Close-Up Lens Attachment. 
  1. There’s an easy hack to make sure your pet is looking at the camera. Use a piece of tape to attach a treat to the front of your instax. Note: This may also work with small children.
  1. The holidays bring even more opportunity for fun. Throw a Santa hat or a bow on top of your pet’s head and snap away.
  1. Speaking of celebrations, what about your pet’s birthday? It’s a great excuse to throw a small party, complete with decorations like a “Happy Birthday” banner or giant balloon numbers. Then have your friends pose with the guest of honour in front of the decorations.
  1. The great outdoors is a natural setting for great dog shots. Head to the beach or anywhere where it’s open and snap away. The instax WIDE 300 will let you capture more of the scene.
  1. Selfies are a no-brainer when it comes to a human’s best friend. See 3 if your pet keeps looking away.
  1. Obviously, your pet is adorable. But they’re also a great way to experiment with what your camera can do because, well, it’s not like Fido has a job or anywhere to go. So grab your instax and check out modes like Double Exposure, as well as filters and frames. With the new instax mini LiPlay, for example, you can even add a moustache to your pet.
  1. Find a stark backdrop, like a wall, to create very regal and artsy looking portraits of your pet.
  1. Use the instax mini LiPlay to capture sound bites of your dog barking that are embedded into your photo with a QR code. The photo can then be sent to any far-away friends or family.
  1. If you have a small pet, like a puppy or kitten, you can go crazy with props like teacups, dollhouses or lunch boxes.

 instax cameras are all about making the most of every minute and bringing your pet into the process only makes it more fun. Interested in learning more about the mini LiPlay, WIDE 300 or any other instax product? Browse our site for our cameras, printers and film.