Falling in Love with instax

Every love story is unique. From the first time you lock eyes to the first dance at your wedding, your story is special — and worth celebrating, especially as Valentine’s Day approaches.

One of the best ways to do that is to capture your romance with instax. On a first date? Snap a selfie at the restaurant. Did you make it to the one-year mark? Make sure to record that moment, as well. Moving in together? That’s a huge moment and, even though you’re busy, make sure to snap a few packing and unpacking shots. Celebrating your wedding? Have some instax cameras dotted around on the day to capture those intimate moments.

 instax wide wedding

Image credit: @hellogabyj

These moments, both big and small, show how your love began — and then how it flourished and grew. These are moments you’ll want to remember.

And instax makes it easy to do exactly that, no matter what your style is. You could stick to the basics with a colourful instax mini 9 or go more high-tech (and glam!) with an instax mini LiPlay, which has a sound recording feature. Imagine giving your partner a photo that can actually say “I love you!”

 mini 9 valentine's day

Image credit: @Thomas.photomaker

If you’re the type who would rather just carry your mobile phone around, that works too. Snap away and then when you return home, print your photos easily and in just a few seconds with the new instax mini Link printer.

As for what to do with these photos, the possibilities are endless. Make a mini memory book to give to your love on Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, create a photo wall in a corner of your bedroom or string a handful together to make a garland. Use the instax mini LiPlay to leave a photo with a voice message in your boyfriend’s backpack. Get a friend to snap a photo of your hands forming a heart and sneak it in the book your girlfriend is reading.

instax frame love heart

All great love stories tell their own fairytale. Falling in love with instax makes it both easy and fun to tell your story — and to capture it so that you can cherish it for years to come.