Ways to Personalise Your Wedding with instax

instax SQUARE wedding bouquetYour love story is unique. And your wedding is a chance to share your story and your love with the friends and the family members who have been cheering you on from your first date to your first dance as a married couple.

Fujifilm instax allows everyone to take an active role in the fun, creating one-of-a-kind memories that capture every angle of your big day. Want to know how to personalise your wedding? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Use instax photos to create a guestbook you’ll treasure forever. Instead of just having your guests sign their names, leave an instax camera by a scrapbook with blank pages, along with simple instructions to take a photo and add it to your book along with a brief message.
    • Give instax cameras as gifts to your bridal party. They’re a lot more fun than a pair of earrings or a gift certificate and your group of friends will be able to keep capturing memories long after the party is over.
    • As an alternative to a guest book, ask guests to write their marriage advice on a special card, attach their photos to it, and leave it in a decorative ‘wedding advice box’ or peg it to a frame.
    • Say a huge ‘thank you’ to your loved ones by making a photo wall with all the instax photos you’ve taken over the years with friends and family.
    • Create an instax photo booth. Select a backdrop and gather a few props and your guests will be off to the races, creating wedding keepsakes while also having a blast doing so. Even better, get your guests to take two photos each—one to take home and one to display in designated areas at your wedding reception.
    • Choose your favourite photos of your guests and print them using one of the instax SHARE printers. Write their name underneath the print and use them as a personal alternative for place names.
    • Pop a few instax cameras around the room (or one on each table) next to a basket where your guests can put their photos. Use these photos to create a wedding album that’ll capture all the fun of your celebration.
    •  Sending thank you notes after the big day? Enclose a photo from the day!

      instax cameras are all about capturing the unique moment—and there’s no better moment to treasure than your wedding, surrounded by family, friends and love.