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You’ll always cherish the professional photographs from your wedding, but chances are that’s not the album you’ll pull out on your anniversary and laugh hysterically over.

It’s easy to create an instax Guest Book for your wedding. You’ll entertain your future self, of course, but you’ll also entertain the guests at your wedding.

The Basics

While you could go all out and create an instax photo booth, we all know there is a lot of planning and expense that goes into a wedding. So it’s also perfectly fine to keep it simple.

First, you’ll need an instant camera. We love the elegance of a white camera, like the instax Mini 9 in Smokey White or the Pearl White SQ6.

Next, you’ll need a guest book. You have a couple of options here. Either buy an album with blank pages and provide tape or sticky dots your guests can use to attach their photos or buy an album that already has slots for photos, but also leaves room for your guests to write a short message.

You’ll also need a simple sign explaining what to do (“Snap a photo and put it in the album with a note for us!”), a few pens or markers, packs of instax film and a table to set it all up. You’ll also want to have a basket to display the film, along with a short note on how to change the film over (it’s super easy).

To Prop or Not to Prop

 If you’ve been to a party in the last 10 years, you’ve probably noticed the fun props that come with most photo-taking opportunities. You could certainly join in on the action with giant frames for your guests to hold, such as “Team Bride” and “Team Groom” signs, colourful flower props, or even giant rings.

But, at least in our opinion, you really don’t need to do this. A wedding is such a special occasion in and of itself, and your album will be cherished whether you use props or not.

The beauty of an instax wedding album is that it allows you to capture the spontaneity of a moment and then hold it in your hands. That makes instax a perfect fit for your big day and an ideal way to spread the love and share your joy.

instax wedding props
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