3 things fashion favourite Elle Ferguson loves about her instax mini LiPlay

Elle Ferguson x instax mini LiPlay

By Elle Ferguson

With a packed schedule and being on the run for most of the week, it takes a lot for me to add another item to my bag - I like to travel light. However, the instax mini LiPlay has quickly become a must have in my everyday life. Here’s why...

1. Two in One

As a hybrid product, the mini LiPlay integrates all my favourite features from the instax instant camera and smartphone printer range. I’m able to point, shoot and print special moments instantly, which is especially great when I’m shooting or during one of my favourite (and busiest!) times of the year, Fashion Week.

Elle Ferguson x instax mini LiPlay

2. Printing straight from my phone

With the best of both worlds in one product, I also love that the mini LiPlay connects to my smartphone's camera roll, allowing me to reminisce on magical memories, and also control which photos I choose to print. This feature is a real game changer when I’m travelling and have hundreds of photos on my phone, but just want to print the perfect shot.

Elle Ferguson x instax mini LiPlay

3. Form & Function

As a fashion influencer, the look and feel of a product is just as important as it’s functionality. So I can’t look past the chic and stylish aesthetic of the mini LiPlay, adding a pop of trendy tech to any look. It’s also super light, which makes it easy to take everywhere I go and an essential for fashion events, or just heading to the beach.

Elle Ferguson x instax mini LiPlay

instax mini LiPlay

With the instax mini LiPlay there’s a whole lot to love! This isn’t just an instant camera, it’s also a printer, so you can print straight from your smartphone instantly, too.

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