5 tips for shooting SQUARE with instax SQ1

With its simple functionality and earthy aesthetic, here are our 5 tips for shooting in SQUARE with the instax SQ1.

square photos tips SQ1

1. Rule of thirds

They say good things come in threes, and they’re not wrong when it comes to shooting SQUARE. The rule of thirds is all about positioning the most important elements of your photo off-centre to create an interesting and balanced composition. The easiest way to do this is to imagine your photo is divided into a grid of nine equal parts and align the main focus along the gridlines.

SQ1 rule of thirds

Find out how professional lifestyle and creative photographer, Steph McGlenchy, uses the rule of thirds to capture in SQUARE.

2. Style with symmetry

Embrace the SQUARE format by using shapes and objects to create symmetry. Symmetrical shots create a sense of harmony and balance, so look for backgrounds or subjects that are symmetrical and frame them in SQUARE with the SQ1.

 sq1 symmetry

3. Set up your selfies

The instax SQ1 SQUARE prints are 1.5 times the size of its instax mini counterparts, giving you more space to have fun with your selfie backgrounds. From a bright coloured wall to make your pearly whites pop to lush greenery to create mood and depth, SQUARE prints give you so much room for creativity. And when it comes to snapping the perfect selfie with your SQ1, simply twist the lens ring to activate Selfie Mode and check your positioning using the selfie mirror!

sq1 selfie

4. Form a line

Take your eyes on a journey in SQUARE with the composition of leading lines. Lines are everywhere, from train tracks to powerlines, from rock formations to the horizon at sunset. Use your SQ1 to lead the eye and draw it into your subject.

sq1 leading lines

5. Embrace automatic exposure

With automatic exposure featured in the SQ1, nailing the perfect SQUARE shot has never been easier. You’ll be able to simply turn on your SQ1, find your subject, shoot and print in SQUARE.

auto exposure

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