5 tips for taking the best selfies with the mini 40

Say hello to your best-ever selfies with the instax mini 40. We’ve pulled together our top five tips for snapping your smile. And with a dedicated Selfie Mode, the mini 40 is a must-have for those moments when only a selfie will do.

1. Activate Selfie Mode

First things first - to ensure you can capture you living your best life, you'll need to activate Selfie Mode by pulling the lens out until you can see 'SELFIE ON'. This mode just helps to get get a clearer shot when you're taking photos between 30-50cm away from the lens.

mini 40 selfie

2. Find your light

For that picture-perfect selfie, it’s best to avoid harsh lighting such as direct sunlight or bright kitchen lights. While the best time of day to snap your smile is golden hour, before sunrise and right after sunset, the mini 40’s high performance flash automatically calculates surrounding brightness and adjusts the shutter speed accordingly, helping you get the best shot.

mini 40 selfie

3. Be bold with backgrounds

Your perfect pout may be the focus of the selfie, but it’s important not to forget the background. Bring your print to life by standing in front of bright colours, interesting tiled walls, lush greenery, or even beautiful monuments. And don’t forget to use the mini 40’s Selfie Mirror to check your framing.

 mini 40 selfie

4. Get inspo from those in the know

Nailing the selfie is not an easy feat, so why not turn to those who do it best for some creative #inspo? From captions to camera angles, have a scroll through your favourite celebrity and influencer Instagram feeds to spark some inspiration. Or even check out the Fujifilm instax Australia Instagram page for some #instaxinspo!

mini 40 selfie

5. Get creative with film

Transforming classic to colourful, take your selfies to the next level with the instax Themed Film range. Bring all your pastel dreams to life with the Mermaid Tail mini film or add a touch of style to your selfies with the Blue Marble mini film.

mini 40 selfie

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