Creative Ways to Display your instax Prints

It’s effortless and fun to take a photo with an instax camera. With the click of a button, you have your picture in hand.

But that’s just the start of your instax adventure. The real fun is deciding how to display all your photos. Sure, you could stick them in old-school frames and set them on a coffee table, but you could also get loads more creative than that. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Go vintage

Using a piece of twine and wooden pegs, hang your photos on a wall along with decorative touches that add to the story you’re telling with your display. Hanging wedding photos? Include a dried flower bouquet. Hanging concert pics? Attach an old ticket stub.

instax flower garland

Keep it natural

Find a tree branch and use it to hang photos from your last outdoor adventure. Top off your creation with a faux vine found at your local craft store.

Track your travels

Hang a large map and attach photos from places you’ve been. It’s an easy way to remember your adventures and the people you’ve shared them with when you’ve got your instax pics attached!

instax map

Go big

Create a large frame on the wall and fill it with photos. The end result is impressive, bold and, more importantly, full of memories. If you’re not so handy when it comes to DIY, try the same concept without a frame, filling an entire wall with photos.

Twinkle on

There’s something so simple, yet oh so pretty and elegant, about a string of lights with your shots attached.


Journal it

Using a journal with unlined pages, chronicle your everyday life and special events and trips. You can also include memorabilia such as trail maps or postcards. But you can get even more creative than that. Did someone text you something funny? Take a quick shot of it and post that in your journal!

instax journal

Think outside the box

Look around your house or an antique or vintage store. You might be surprised by the things you’ll find that could make an interesting way to display your photos. Handy when it comes to DIY? Grab some wooden dowels and construct your own display.

instax is all about living in the moment, then capturing the memories forever. Why not take the fun one step further by also choosing a creative way to display those memories?! The result will be a one-of-a-kind room filled with friendship, adventure and love.

How do you display your prints? Let us know in the comments!