DIY gifting tips & tricks

Your Guide to Homemade instax Gifts

As we approach the gifting season, many of us make a mad dash for the shops, hoping to pick up something unique and affordable for our loved ones, which can often be a stressful endeavour! Why not save yourself (and your bank balance) the stress of buying new, when you can handcraft a gift that we guarantee will be more loved than something that you found on the discount rack?  

The good news is that we’ve gone ahead and compiled a nifty list of DIY gifts that won’t take an eternity to make or cost a fortune.

1. Say it with a (photo) bouquet.

Gifting flowers is always a classic choice, but have you thought about putting a personal touch to it? Try assembling a flower arrangement in a pot and adding in some instax memories. All you’ll need are your favourite photos, some “stems” of your choosing and some craft pegs to attach the photos. Hey presto - you’ve got a bouquet as pretty as a picture.

2. Not so Secret Santa

It’s coming up to your office Christmas party and you’ve scored your work-bestie as your Secret Santa recipient. You want to give them a gift that means something to the both of you while staying under that pesky $20 limit. You’ve got this! Give them an upcycled photo frame featuring your favourite snap of you together. Pick up an old photo frame and some spray paint and get to crafting! You’ll give them a gift that’ll take pride of place on their desk, and you might even be inspired to make one for yourself. Cute! 

3. Fancy a bauble?

Decorating a Christmas tree is one of those moments best done with loved ones, so why not gift a bauble that’s a little bit more special than the rest?! You’ll need a clear bauble you can fill, a festive instax photo and some tinsel to fill the space. 

This is a quick, simple gift from the heart that’ll be sure to spread that holiday cheer. 

4. It’s all in the presentation

No more “umming” and “ahhing” trying to figure out which gift is from who, because you’ve gone ahead and made some very practical (and stylish) holiday cards. Well done you! Use the instax Link WIDE app to personalise your favourite photos and print them using your instax Link WIDE for cards that say “yes, I’m great at crafting”. 

Use finishing touches like glitter glue and ribbon to make your holiday card a gift worth keeping on the mantle all year round. Check out the ‘how to’ video here. 

5. Make a crafternoon of it

Like decorating a Christmas tree, DIY and crafty projects are best done with someone special so why not spend it with your fur-baby? Using butcher's paper and some paint (safe for little ones of course!) use your pup’s paw as a stamp to make some adorable homemade wrapping paper. Will it be adorable? Very. Will it be messy? You’ll be so impressed you won’t seem to mind. Wrap your pressies with your pawsome paper and finish it with an instax selfie of the two artists. We wouldn’t suggest this with your cat, that is unless you’re braver than us.

Feeling inspired to make something wonderful? Check out the instax range for the very best in gift bundles and make this Christmas really special.