Exploring Broome and travel journaling with the instax mini LiPlay

Janice Kho

By Janice Kho

Just because you can't travel overseas right now, doesn't mean you can't travel and explore [when lockdown restrictions permit, of course]. Take this opportunity to explore your own backyard. I guarantee you there are places to see and things to do in your own city and state! Maybe it's somewhere you've always been interested in and felt "you can do that any time", so instead opted for an overseas trip. Broome in WA is one of those places for me. People from Australia, and all over the world, dream of travelling to Broome to explore the sun-kissed lands in the North West, yet being a WA local, I had yet to go myself, until recently.

The dry season is generally the best time to visit Broome. This is typically between April and October. During this time you get to experience warm days, balmy nights and perfect blue skies. I was fortunate enough to escape the cold and wet Perth winter and traded it in for the perfect weather in Broome for 5 days. With a roller-coaster of a year so far, I was looking forward to a short holiday away.

So, if you’re planning that trip to Broome, here are some of my highlights and must-dos when you visit.

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1. Gantheaume Point

A 10 minute easy drive from Broome's town centre, Gantheaume Point is known for dinosaur foot prints, stunning cliffs and crystal clear turquoise waters. The ancient dinosaur tracks can only be seen during very low tides. Of all the places I got to witness the famous Broome sunset during my trip, this was definitely one of my favourite spots, so I’d recommend heading there later on in the day.

2. Cable Beach

Cable Beach is one of Australia's most iconic beaches, famous for its amazing sunsets. People often drive their 4WDs down onto the beach to enjoy the sunset while having some drinks and nibbles. Another popular activity on the beach is the sunset camel ride tours. Whatever you choose to do, you're bound to be impressed by the sunset and pristine beaches that seem to stretch on forever.

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3. Matso's Brewery

Most people don't realise that Matso's Brewery started off as a micro brewery and that it's also probably the most remote brewery in Australia. It's most well-known for its ginger and mango flavoured beers, however they have since expanded their range to include unusual flavours including chilli beer! I loved learning about the brewing process and trying pretty much every flavour of Matso's beer there is with the head brewer.

4. Cape Leveque

If you have a 4WD (and I would really recommend that you hire one), Cape Leveque is worth the drive, especially if you can stay a night or two in the area as it’s over 200km north of Broome. Located in the Dampier Peninsula, Cape Leveque is one of the most unique places I've been to. Known for its beautiful beaches, clear water, wildlife, red rocks and cliffs, it’s a generally peaceful place to visit. It's probably one of the most remote places I've travelled and is rarely visited by tourists, relatively speaking. As significant parts of the road are unsealed, sandy and corrugated, a 4WD is a must. Give yourself several hours to make the drive as well, especially if you're not a particularly experienced 4WD driver!

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Ever since the instax mini LiPlay was announced and released in 2019, I was intrigued. A digital camera and printer in one?! It was the perfect camera I’d been waiting for! But the amazing features don’t stop there, though. The mini LiPlay also allows you to record a short audio clip and embed the link to the clip via a QR code that is printed directly onto the instax mini print. Scan the code with your phone and ta-da, a browser pops up and you can play the sound. The camera also has the classic features found on many instax cameras, such as the selfie mirror at the front of the camera.

To print photos from your smartphone you need to use this instax mini LiPlay app. You can also use the app to control the camera to do remote shooting!

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Because the instax mini LiPlay is a hybrid camera and printer in one, you can use the instax LiPlay as an instax mini printer to print off your travel memories after your trip, or as an instax camera during your travels like you would any other instant camera. The instax prints are also fantastic to use as part of travel journalling. Travel journalling is the fun process of starting with a blank page and then filling it with the written word, photos, memorabilia and sketches that represent your travels.

There is no right or wrong way to travel journal, do what works for you. I use the instax mini prints to help me tell the stories of my travels which compliment my writings. After my trip to Broome, I printed a couple of instax photos that represented the highlights from each day. When I flick back through my travel journal I can easily see what the highlights were and it will trigger memories that take me back to those luscious beaches.

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You can create your journal pages during the trip or after you come back from your trip. The bonus of journalling after your trip is that it allows you to reflect on your trip highlights and stories you want to document and remember. This will give you a bit of a happiness boost if you're experiencing some post-holiday blues!

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I really enjoy the experience of using the instax mini LiPlay. Both the camera and the mini LiPlay app are very easy to use. The compact size and the ability to preview the photos before you print are great features of the camera. I also enjoyed the experience of picking a small handful of images to print that represented my travels. Being able to hold a physical print in my hands was very exciting. The beauty of the LiPlay is the flexibility it will give you to print in the moment and or to print after the fact. Either way, they make for great little keepsakes.

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