How to Shoot Indoors During Winter

Summer means barbecues, beaches and being outdoors as much as possible — and here at instax, we love it! But winter has its own charms, including the chance to cosy up indoors, enjoying intimate get-togethers with family and friends.

Your instax camera is ready to capture the fun at any time of year, but there are a few photography tips to help you get the most out of shooting indoor photography in the winter.

mini 90 winter

Let the Light In

Take advantage of the outdoor light sources you have available by using window light during the brightest times of day. You can even open the front door for a minute or two to capture your shot. If possible, place your subject by the light. If the light is too bright or you want a softer effect, try closing the blinds a little.


Create Light

What about when it’s dark outside? Natural and artificial light can both enhance the effect of your photos, so turn the light on — and make sure you turn all the lights on, including overhead lights and floor lamps. Whatever you have, turn it on. Even candles can contribute to the overall effect!

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Watch Your Background

It’s easy to get a great backdrop at the beach or in the mountains. Being indoors presents a much greater challenge. Of course, there will be people and things behind your subject, but watch out for any major distractions. Is someone opening a fridge door behind the birthday cake? Then move around the table and shoot from another perspective to avoid harsh light.

 sq20 winter fire

Use Your Settings

Depending on which instax camera you have, you can use your settings to improve your shot. If you’re using the instax mini 9, for example, select the home icon or hi-key function, both of which let in the highest amount of light.


Get Creative

While the living room might seem like the obvious place to shoot, there are many unique spots to take creative indoor photos. Bathrooms are filled with two things that make photographing your subjects exciting: lots of light and big mirrors. Play around with different angles and try to capture your subject in a unique way.


instax cameras are all about having fun capturing and immediately sharing the memory. Whether you opt for a classic instax mini or the brand new instax mini LiPlay, you can make that happen in every season.