How to take care of your instax

Your instax is more than just a camera. It’s your travelling companion, adventure buddy and capturer of precious memories. Keeping your instax camera and film in tip top condition will ensure your photos stand the test of time.

To keep your instax products safe and secure for years to come, we’ve pulled together our top tips to help you care for your instax.

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How to store your instax film

Just like your instax camera, your instant film likes to be treated with love and care. Film is sensitive to both humidity and temperature so you’ll want to make sure it’s stored in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place.

Our instax film is engineered for optimum performance at 25℃, but we know how temperamental Australian weather is, so it’s perfectly fine to use (and store) our film anywhere between 5℃ - 40℃.

You may have heard a rumour that you can store your film in the fridge. And guess what? It's true! Whilst it’s not necessary, if you do choose to store your film stash in the fridge, here’s a pro tip: we recommend that you wait for at least 12 hours before opening the film that’s come from the fridge as it may be affected by condensation.

Take care in different temperatures

Your instax device is built to withstand temperatures as low as 5℃ and up to a stinking hot 40℃. Camera batteries and photo quality are prone to the effects of extreme temperature conditions so make sure to keep your camera cool on those sweltering summer days! It’s best to not leave your instax and film packs in direct sunlight or in a hot car.

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Watch out for sand

There’s nothing better than an impromptu beach photo session with your friends. However, be careful when you’re on the sand, as leaving your instax on a sandy towel may leave you with a scratched lens.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. With our range of camera case accessories, your instax will stay snug and protected while you snap up beach memories this summer.

Airport tips

Passport? Check. Comfy pants for the plane? Check. instax? Double check!

We often get asked about how to safely travel with your instax and now the world is opening back up again (YAY),this advice may be even more useful than ever before.

When packing for your holidays, we’d recommend popping your instax camera and film in your carry on bag. Some airport baggage inspection equipment uses x-rays that may cause damage to your film, including streaking in the final photos. The scanners used to check carry-on luggage tend to use a weaker radiation than those used for hold luggage, which is why we recommend taking your instax and film with you on the plane. If you’re concerned about the x-rays damaging your film, you may be able to ask for your bag to be manually checked at the airport instead, to ensure you won’t compromise those perfect travel shots! Read more about travelling with instax here.

Keeping your prints timeless

When storing your instax prints, keeping them away from direct sunlight will help to maintain their vibrancy and colour. You’ll also want to make sure to leave them in places that are out of the way of condensation.

A personalised photo album or display book is the best way to preserve the quality of your prints and help protect the film. What better excuse to whip out your DIY skills and keep your memories safe?!

You may also want to display your memories in all their glory, and this is absolutely fine (we don’t blame you for wanting to show off your funniest BFF moments, or your 2018 trip to Bali), however some prints may slightly fade over time if they’re displayed in bright areas or exposed to direct sunlight.

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No more dust

Don’t let pesky dust come in the way of your perfect instax print. Keeping your instax dust-free will mean you will not only have sharper images but you’ll avoid those dreaded black spots that may appear in prints. 

Our top tip would be to use a camera air blower or gently wipe the viewfinder window or lens with a piece of soft cloth. We’d recommend not to use solvents such as thinner or alcohol to wipe off the dirt as this could be damaging for the camera.

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