How to think big and shoot small with instax macro mode

From a blooming spring flower to the summery drips of your melting ice cream, the instax camera range brings close-up photography to life with macro mode. Here’s how you can get up close and personal to capture the perfect close-up shot with your instax.

instax mini 11

The instax mini 11 is anything but mini when it comes to its features. Close up capture is activated with Selfie Mode. Pulling out the lens a second time allows you to snap subjects 30 to 50cm away from the lens. Hold the camera so that the “O” mark in the viewfinder is on the upper right of the center of the subject. The result? A beautiful close-up shot.

Tip: When taking a close-up, there’s a slight shift between the viewfinder and actual photo. So be sure to aim just a little to the right subject to ensure you get the best snap.

mini 11 pancake

instax mini 90

Don’t be fooled by its vintage aesthetic, the mini 90 has all the modern details needed to nail that close-up photo. Activated by pressing the Macro Mode button, represented by a flower icon on the back of the camera, the mini 90 brings any subject 30 to 60cm away from the lens into focus.

Tip: Even in dark lighting, there’s nothing complicated about this macro mode. Flipping into ‘L’ mode when you’re in a dark space will help colours pop.

mini 90

instax WIDE 300

Not only is it great for capturing moments in a wider format, but the WIDE 300 also has a Close Up Lens for subjects 40 to 50cm away. Simply switch on your camera, set photographic distance to short-distance, attach the close-up lens, focus on your subject, and shoot!

Tip: Want to post your instax print to your Instagram Story? Hold the WIDE 300 vertically to create a  close-up in portrait.

instax SQ1

The close-up capture feature in the new instax SQ1’s Selfie Mode is perfect for snapping subjects 30 to 50cm away from the lens. Twist the lens ring to activate Selfie Mode, then hold the camera so that the “O” mark in the viewfinder sits slightly to the upper right of the center of the subject. Then all that’s left to do it press the shutter button.

Tip: The SQ1 will automatically adjust shutter speed and flash depending on your lighting. So, when taking a selfie, be prepared for the flash to go off when you might not expect it.

SQ1 macro

instax SQ6

Activate Macro Mode on the SQ6 by pressing the Mode button until the Macro Mode flower icon is lit up. When you’ve found the perfect subject between 30 and 50cm from the lens, hold the camera so that the “O” mark in the viewfinder is on the upper right of the center of the subject, then take the shot.

Tip: If you’re keen to take your macro photography to the next level, get creative with Double Exposure mode by overlaying two macro shots.


instax SQ20

Getting that picture-perfect close-up shot is made simple with the SQ20. For subjects 30 to 50cm from the camera lens, it’s as easy as holding the camera securely at that distance, pointing and shooting. Voilà! A close-up instant photo.

Tip:  You can check your framing with the selfie mirror next to the lens to ensure you’re photo framing is on point. instax selfie mirrors are also on the mini 9, mini 11, mini LiPlay, SQ1 and SQ6.