instax with your bestie just got better

More often than not, our best friends know us better than we do! So what better way to celebrate friendship than by capturing the special moments using your instax? Whether your bestie lives down the street or on the other side of the world, here’s five instax features built for best friends. 

1. Personalise your prints 

You’ve taken the perfect shot with your best friend, now here’s your chance to create a personalised message to remember the moment. Whether you want to tell your friend how much they mean to you or recount a funny joke they said, with the instax mini Link ‘Sketch, edit & print' feature, you can layer text or sketches over your shots before printing them and sharing them with your bestie. Learn how to Sketch, edit & print.

 mini Link Sketch edit print

2. Get funky with frames

The fun doesn’t have to end after you capture the shot! Gather your friends and get posing because with more than 30 weird and wonderful frames to choose from, the instax mini LiPlay will get the creative juices flowing and guarantee the laughs.

 mini LiPlay frame

3. Slay the selfies

Whether you’re perfect pouters or sunny smilers, use your mini 11's Selfie Mode to up you and your bestie’s selfie game. Plus with the camera’s mirror, no hair will ever be out of place!

 mini 11 selfie

4. More photos, more fun

The only thing better than one photo of you and your bestie is nine! With the instax SQ20’s Collage and Split modes you can capture a number of images in the same print. Not only is this fun, but will leave you with artistic prints to display or give to your bestie. Find out more about creating collages with SQ20.

 SQ20 collage

Image Credit: @instaksiara

5. Find your perfect match

You and your bestie may love the same music and TV shows, but just how compatible are you? Use the mini Link's Match Test to find out. Based on photos and a few questions, this FUN MODE feature will reveal whether you and your BFF really are a perfect match (we’re sure you are!).

 mini link match print

Maxed out all the ways to share instax with your BFF? Here are five more ways you can stay connected with your bestie even though you may currently be apart.