Jamie Azzopardi's 5 hottest trends predicted to hit the streets

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By Jamie Azzopardi

When the fashion elite assembled to celebrate this year's Australian Fashion Week in a pre-lockdown life, I was lucky enough to go behind the scenes and get a glimpse of what we’ll see hitting the streets in the seasons to come (post-lockdown!). Reminiscing on the week from the comfort of my home, I’m so glad I was able to capture my favourite moments as keepsakes to treasure with my instax mini 40, including some of my favourite fashion people, shows and inspiration with the help of my friends at Fujifilm instax.

It was such an incredible week when freedom, expression and art all came together to showcase the new and fabulously creative world all artists aspire to live in. With that glorious touch of spring in the air, here are my 5 trends from Fashion Week that I predict we’ll see hitting the streets (as soon as we can!) this season.

1. Heroic Minimalism

From Mariam Seddiq's beautifully crafted separates to Anna Quan's relaxed tailoring, we were treated to moments of pure tranquility thanks to the minimalist outfits. With its inspired casual tailoring look, the multitude of options in this space allowed us to see just why this trend has stood the test of time - and will continue to!

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2. Sparkles of Joy

From Alice McCall's whimsical power suits to Romance Was Born's bedazzled accessories, the sparkles and glitter were everywhere this season. With women all over the globe sharing in the joy, it's clear that this sparkly movement is not going anywhere!

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3. Androgyny Wins

With a generation of people who are resisting being labelled and stereotyped, the trend of men in what would generally be classed as womenswear and vice-versa stood out both on and off the runway. From full drag to subtle androgynous hints, it is one we are sure to see more of in the months and years to come.

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4. Patterned Perfection

Patterns are set to return this spring in a big way, which was hugely evident in Grace Lillian Lee's show stopping pieces during the First Nation Fashion Design Show and ith Ginger & Smart's iconic prints. Symbolic of the season, we saw a lot of floral patterns and we got a glimpse of new and innovative patterns that are sure to win over the masses come the warmer weather.

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5. Beach Culture Lives On

From Bondi Born's iconic showcase in-front of the Opera House to Aqua Blu's true showcase of heavenly linens, Australia showed its true culture through clothes that will take you from the beach to the office. Think linen and lightweight cotton cut into silhouettes that you can wear wherever you may be going!

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Below are some of my favourite and most Fashion Week moments that I captured behind the lens of my instax mini 40.

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