8 moments our instax film was made for

They say a photo is worth a thousand words, but what if it could express even more than that? With our instax themed film, you’ll find your photos can become even more colourful, interesting and memorable.

Let’s take a look at exactly how our fun frames can up your instax game!

1. You’re at the beach and the sun is setting as romance fills the air. You and your S.O. take a shot to capture the perfect moment, and print it on Pink Lemonade film that matches the streaks in the sunset.

    GypsyLovinLight Pink Lemonade instax

    Image Credit: @gypsylovinlight

    2. A fan of colour? Pair Pink Lemonade with Sky Blue film to co-ordinate your photo subject with your frames and create a fabulous photo wall collage! 


      3. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or just a Friday night, your photo can take on even more life with Stripe film. Don't believe us? Just look at these super sweet prints!

      4. You know those super-hero nights when everyone is laughing and having fun? Comic film is a perfect choice for framing those memories. 

      Comic film

      5. When we’re snapping photos, it’s usually of people and places, but there are so many more possibilities. Check out this Harry Potter inspired creation, which was made even more magical with Shiny Star film.

      6. Get a little artsy, even a little moody, with Monochrome film, which is ideal for portraits, city scenes and creative still-life photos.


      7. At the risk of playing favourites, we’ve gotta say we love the sparkle of Confetti film. Each pack offers a slew of shades, including pink, blue, green and purple—each prettier than the next. Perfect for capturing the glittering moments in life!

      Gypsylovinlight Confetti Film

      Image Credit: @gypsylovinlight

      8. With all that said, the best film is the film you have handy, as it’s such a bummer to have the perfect shot, but zero film. Film value packs ensure you always have supplies on hand!

      60 pack instax film

      Life is an adventure, full of people, places and moments we weave together to make our own tapestry. instax cameras allow you to capture it all — and instax frames make the journey even more creative and exciting!