Sharing memories with your besties by @jasminetxo

By @jasminetxo

Over the last year, we’ve all felt what it’s like to miss someone we love and to reminisce on the memories and adventures we’ve shared. With the new instax Link WIDE smartphone printer there are so many fun and exciting ways to relive and share these memories with our closest friends!

jasminetxo Link WIDE

Personally, I love giving gifts, but I find it’s always so much more exciting to give or receive a gift that is personalised and has sentimental value. I have friends located all over the world thanks to the online space - which is incredible - but sometimes it gets tough knowing that you can’t be there with them in person. What I love about the new instax Link WIDE is that you can print out your favourite images with your besties straight from your smartphone onto instant film, and share them with your friends - no matter how near or far they may be.

Using the instax Link WIDE app (which you need to download to pair your phone with the printer) you can customise your images to create a print that you know your friends will love. You can adjust the colour of the photo and add text before you print it - meaning you can send a cute message to your friend! If you’re anything like me and can never seem to choose just one image, you can create a collage with multiple photos. Super handy for all those other indecisive people out there.

jasminetxo Link WIDE collage

Even though taking pictures with your friends can be super quick and easy - there are a few tips that I love which can help enhance your pictures and make sure you get the best selfies possible!

For me, being a content creator means that I am always looking for new ways to improve the quality of my content, and one of the main things that I have learnt over the years is the importance of lighting. To capture a clear picture with nice lighting, it’s important to make sure that the sun or light is facing you - not behind you (that’s when you become backlit which means it can be difficult to see you in the photo).

One of the other key elements that can often ‘make or break’ your picture is the framing. Firstly, making sure that you can fit all of your friends into the frame is key, but also allowing some head room above you is a good idea. Look up the ‘rule of thirds’ - this is always super helpful when it comes to taking pictures.

As for the background - when you’re out with your friends - try and take the opportunities you can to make use of any fun or colourful backgrounds that you come across. A pop of colour or an interesting design somewhere in the frame always helps create an even better selfie!

jasminetxo Link WIDE

The hardest thing about having friends who are far away is that, most of the time, we only get to send them our love virtually, through a screen. But what’s great about these instax prints is that they’re the perfect size to pop in a card and mail so that you can share a tangible memory with a friend that they can put up in their room, on their bedside table or keep somewhere nearby. The larger size of the wide print means you can also print big group photos too!

The instax Link WIDE helps us to create, print and share memories in the most personal way to remind us of some of the most memorable moments we’ve had - and to look forward to all of the wonderful moments yet to come.