Ways to get creative with your instax without leaving the house

Owning an instax is an invitation to take your creativity to the next level, but if you're currently stuck indoors under quarantine or social distancing, it's hard to get the opportunity to get photographically creative.

So, let us introduce *drum roll* our ways to get creative with instax, without leaving the house!  

Can't shoot? Paint!

Need to get an instax fix without taking photos? Get the paints out and channel your inner Monet!

Image Credit: @peppermintpencils

Let's get a-doodling

Grab a Sharpie then let your mind and hand wander doodling away!

Turn mistakes into a masterpiece

If the dog was perfectly still as you lined the photo up but moved out of the frame the very second you hit the shutter button, leaving an instantly printed blurry mess behind, paint over it!

Image credit: @metamagda

Or turn masterpieces into mantras

We have spotted a very arty theme going on here. There are obviously some super talented instaxers out there! Get creative, open your scrapbook and paint the afternoon away à la @brentsjournal:


  Other ideas we ❤️

P.S. We need to add that we are not liable for any damage which has occurred as a result of painting or modifying your instax and any modifications made may invalidate warranty.