Your guide to the instax mini 90

Don’t be fooled by the stylishly vintage aesthetic, the instax mini 90 is anything but old school. With some super cool instant photography tech, including a variety of shooting modes, the instax mini 90 combines classic looks with modern features. Here’s our guide to capturing moments with the instax mini 90.

mini 90

Express yourself with exposure modes

The instax mini 90 lets you get creative with the exposure of your images, offering both Bulb Exposure and Double Exposure Mode.

In Bulb Exposure Mode, the shutter remains open while the shutter button is depressed, accentuating night views and light streaks, helping you to up your creative ante.

Double exposure photography is a fun way to create interesting and unique prints. By selecting the Double Exposure Mode and pressing the shutter button twice, you can combine two images into one frame in one frame to create an artistic photo.

 mini 90

Get the light right

The instax mini 90's high performance flash emits the perfect amount of the light, which is automatically adjusted based on the distance and brightness of your subject.

Giving you creative control, the instax mini 90 Brightness Control allows you to adjust your images by adding a low-key or hi-key effect to your photos.

 mini 90

Set the mood with the MODE dial

By rotating the MODE dial on your instax mini 90, you can switch modes while looking through the viewfinder.

When the lighting is low and the tunes are loud, the instax mini 90 Party Mode ensures both your photo's background and subject are brightly lit to capture the perfect party shot.

Kids Mode allows you to capture fast-moving subjects, from kids to furry friends. This mode is effective in shooting under low light conditions, such as room light or on a cloudy day.

 mini 90

Get creative with distance

Whether your subjects are near or far, the instax mini 90 Landscape and Macro Mode make capturing the perfect photo a dream.

Landscape Mode is best suited for subjects at least three metres away. Whereas Macro Mode lets you shoot close-up photography, bringing any subject 30 to 60cm away from the lens into focus.

mini 90

Image credit: @alexkdiaz