Your must-have instax based on your favourite dog breeds

Just like instax, our furry friends bring so much joy into our lives. From shaggy to short haired, every dog is unique and has their own quirky characteristics, very much like each product in the instax range.

If you’re on the hunt for an instax to add to your wishlist, but don’t know where to start, we’ve matched the perfect instax product with your fave pooch!

Go Golden with the instax mini 11

For an instax camera with a quality coat like these friendly doggos, look no further than the pastel heaven that is the instax mini 11 range. The mini 11 is sure to become your most loyal companion, And with its oh so simple functionality, the hardest thing will be choosing your favourite colour, from Lilac Purple to Sky Blue. 

mini 11 golden retriever

Do you re-corg-nise the instax mini LiPlay?

Small yet full of personality, there is no question that the Corgi and the instax mini LiPlay go hand in hand. The mini LiPlay allows you to preview your pics and add in frames and filters such as speech bubbles and banners to your snaps before printing. Bringing bucket loads of fun just like your favourite little barker.

mini liplay corgi

Your right hound man - the instax SP-3

With a lightning speed printing time it is no wonder the instax SP-3 is best suited to those who love their Greyhounds. Did you know that these fast and affectionate doggos are extremely intelligent, just like this instax? This little device prints your favourite moments straight from your phone. Smart and sleek!

greyhound SP-3

Have you spotted the instax mini 40?

There are more than 101 reasons why the instax mini 40 is a must-have for Dalmatian lovers. Strutting around with the most stylish of coats, the Dalmatian is all about looking sophisticated, much like the elegant mini 40.

mini 40 dalmation

Wide Film is Mastiff

Any fan of a Mastiff will know just how hard it is to squeeze your best friend into the frame. Bigger for these folk is definitely better. So, for those needing something a little extra, look no further than the instax WIDE 300 which uses WIDE film, printing double the size of regular instax mini film. 

WIDE 300 mastiff

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