How to decorate at home with instax

By Chantelle Ellem (@fatmumslim)

If my friends were to describe my decorating style growing up, it would be that I was simply photo mad. I had photos everywhere, in particular instax instant photos. In my early 20s, I lived in a shared house with two other girls, and I turned a whole wall of my bedroom into a beautiful, very neat grid of instax photo prints. Friends loved to come over and find themselves on the wall.

Then I met my husband, and when we moved in together, I quickly adopted another wall and that became another photo wall, this time with photos of friends we shared together, as well as memories we made as a couple.

While it’s over a decade on now, and my style has matured slightly, I still love my instax photos and they’re found all over my house, for fun little bursts of style and decoration. I think the decor in a home should make you smile, and that’s what instax photos do. They bring back memories, remind us of loved ones and look beautiful too.

Let me take you on a little tour of my home and show you how I decorate with instax.

First of all, here are the heroes of decorating with instax. I think the cameras themselves make great decorations, and I have them on display in my office (that’s for another decorating story), but these two in particular get used a lot with my family. To the left is the instax SQ1 and it’s the newest addition to the Fujifilm instax family. It’s solely a camera and a beautiful one at that. It’s modern, and it comes in the Glacier Blue (pictured) as well as Terracotta Orange and Chalk White. This uses instax SQUARE film.

On the right is the instax miniLink and this is a printer. So this can print photos straight from your phone through the printer, like magic. This uses the instax mini film, which I think is the cutest of the film family!

I recently decorated my daughter’s bedroom, because she’s on the cusp of being a teenager and wanted a little update. I simply gathered her favourite photos and pegged them to a string of little fairy lights. It’s a fun way to update a room, and she can change out the photos whenever she pleases.

Another simple way to decorate, and something I do often, is to pop a photo up in a space. A decorating tip is to always have items in odd numbers, so this set of three with the sculpture, the flower arrangement and the photo makes for a great team. It also acts as a beautiful reminder of a moment in time and can be changed so easily.

Another fun way to decorate is to use washi tape and stick photos up. In my daughter’s room, I’ve used washi tape to stick up some favourite photos of herself, so that she can add to it as she collects more photos. Washi tape is great because it has a lighter tack than normal sticky tape. It also comes in a whole range of fun colours too.

Lastly, to make your favourite photos stand out you can add a little frame. Look in your local store for brass frames and pop in a favourite photo. I actually gifted this exact same frame and photo to my sister, so that we both have this special moment to keep together. The beauty of the instax miniLink is that you can print straight from your phone, so you can choose your favourite moments in photos and bring them to life again. You can also print as many copies of the photo as you want.

Decorating with instax photos couldn’t be easier. All you need is a sense of fun, some new or old memories on instax, and a little imagination.