Put the cool in homeschooling with instax

Roll call! With new social distancing measures and the rise of homeschooling, the role of parent and teacher is blurring. Don’t let the fear of timetables, algebra and spelling hold you back from acing the home classroom, here are some easy but fun ways to home school using your instax.

Put pen to paper

mini Link cat photos

Let their imagination run wild and kick it old school with a fun writing task. Forget the computer, use three instax prints of your choice and ask your child to create a short story inspired by them. Whether it’s a picture of a plant, a pie and a pillow, who knows what they could come up with!

Send them urban exploring

While you may not be able to explore the neighbourhood, who’s to say you can’t send your child off on an urban adventure...around the house! With an instax camera in hand encourage them to take snaps of certain objects in your home; items that rhyme with “lock”, objects that are orange or things that start with the letter “D”.

 mini 11 urban exploring

Invent some instax games

Use your instax to create fun games, your kids won’t even realise they’re learning! Recreate family favourites, such as ‘Matching Pairs’ with your instax. Or grab your mini Link, print famous landmarks around the world and play ‘Pin the Monument on the Map’!

instax map

Get flashy

Flashcards are a great way for your kids to study, memorise and test themselves. Take them up a notch by creating custom instax flashcards. They can be anything from photos of objects your kids love, to help with learning another language, or to visual spelling tests.

mini LiPlay flash cards

Introduce a merit system

All this hard school work deserves a reward! Why not create a merit system using your instax? Ask your kids to take an instax of any school work they’ve completed. Once they have 10 instax prints displayed at their work space, reward them!

mini 90 merit system

Are you homeschooling right now? If so, how are you keeping the kids entertained? Let us know in the comments below!