The Importance of the Printed Image

Professional lifestyle and creative photographer Steph McGlenchy has an eye for capturing the every day with ethereal beauty and simplicity. In this article, she talks all about the importance of printing your photos with the instax mini Link.

by Steph McGlenchy

importance of printing - mini Link

To put it simply, the process of printing is the liberation of your photograph. On one hand, the instax mini Link smartphone printer can be a fabulous aid for photographers putting together shoot mood boards for clients, even a great tool for deciding what photographs to show at an exhibition of your work. But it is the tangibility of the printed form that has the ability to tap into our emotions.

Think of the prints that something like the instax mini Link can produce. It enables memories of a holiday that you and your friends can share. The physicality of the printed image is almost like a direct line of memory taking you back to that special moment you shared.

You can smell the coal burning in stoves from cottages down the road; you can hear the crunch of the fallen autumn leaves underneath your feet. Prints recall memories, just like finding and rifling through files in a cabinet.

The process of printing your photos with the mini Link is very personal and allows so many shared memories to be become keepsakes to hold on to.

Printing your photos gives your images life; freeing them from languishing in the maze of folders on your hard drive or getting lost in the abyss of your phone.

Cameras were invented for the creation of physical visual records of capturing what we see and how we exist. As our interactions become more and more digital it seemingly becomes harder to hold close to the notion of posterity.

importance of printing - mini Link

There is minimal waiting time in this digital world, everything can be achieved, sent and viewed with a click. But can you really convey your emotion behind your image, behind that memory with a file on a screen? The care and thoughtfulness in the choice of which photograph to print automatically franks the importance of an image, and therefore the memory it triggers.

The images we choose to preserve through print, play a huge part in the story we are choosing to pass on to the next generation. They are a physical testimony of what we deem important to us, of what gave us joy, what moved us, what binds and unites us.

Printing off a collection of images for a loved one leaves a memoir of how meaningful your connection is with that person. The instax mini Link allows you to do just that.

We can buy anything we want with a click these days, and when it comes to presents at Christmas it feels easier to splash the cash and tick those names off the list.

importance of printing - mini Link

It seems harder to give gifts of meaning to the ones we love. But putting together a personal scrapbook or photo album is invaluable to the person receiving it. What can be more generous than giving someone the beauty of a memory? A memory of the year past, a memory of home, a building or a memory of a loved one who is no longer.

importance of printing - mini Link

For me, it’s about remembering my holiday and time with my Mum in the North of England; a place she called home as a child and she still feels greatly connected to. Our week covered the places she loved as a school girl, and the ones she had previously never got to visit.

These images trigger memories for us both. For Mum it takes her right back to being a young girl, and for me, it takes me back to the time we spent in the car, driving around and Mum telling me the stories; of what used to be here, what used to be there.

I had been to the North of England before, but only as a young child and a teenager. This time as an adult, I felt the pull of familial comfort in an area that is intertwined with my family story.

The beauty of the instax mini Link lies in what it can give to your loved ones. It allows one day, one week, one trip to fill a chapter of your family’s story, through little snapshot treasures, keepsakes of a special time together.

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